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TPStorage is a family business that contributes to the energy transition in the Netherlands by realizing energy storage. In close cooperation with our sister company TPSolar, we install battery systems on solar parks or as stand-alone projects. By combining the green energy generated by solar panels with energy hubs and storage, we stimulate the energy transition together with our partners.

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Energy storage

The electricity grid has a limited capacity, which means that it is not always possible to use and/or produce electricity at any location and at any time of the day.

Energy storage systems are used to create space on the electricity grid. Therefore, more sustainable energy projects can be connected and more green electricity can be generated and used. This way, these systems not only contribute to the climate objectives, but they also provide energy security and ensure a reduction in energy prices.

Battery systems

Energy storage takes the form of large-scale battery systems. You could see this as a large version of a battery in an electric car. These battery systems store electricity when it is not needed and supply it when it is needed. This way, a battery system distributes the grid load during power peaks and contributes to solving the transport scarcity on the electricity grid.

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