TPStorage only cooperates with companies and organizations that, like us, strive to make the Netherlands more sustainable, in an environmentally responsible manner and with respect for nature and landscape.

Association of the Dutch energystorage sector

Energy Storage NL is the association of the Dutch energystorage sector to which TPStorage is affiliated. Energy Storage NL was founded in 2014 and works together with its members to ensure that energystorage projects have a sustainable businesscase that help towards a successful transition to a clean, trustworthy and efficient energysupply.

Landscape design and advice

The Dutch landscape is unique, diverse and culturally and historically valuable. Reason enough to preserve its landscape values. Adaptation of the landscape, such as the arrival of a energy storage project, therefore requires a carefully considered landscape design. LabelTIEN helps us with this. The characteristics of the valuable and unique landscapes of the Netherlands are taken into account and, where possible, strengthened.

Flora- and fauna-experts

Otte Groenadvies makes flora and fauna Quickscans for us. These test the planned development against nature legislation. By means of field visits and desk research we assess which natural values are expected in the plan area and the possible presence of protected plant and animal species. Otte Groenadvies then advises on how to ensure that the flora and fauna present experience as little nuisance as possible.

Legal advice

Blatter Legal legally supports TPStorage in the development, financing, construction and management of our solar parks. In particular, they help us draft legal documents (letters of intent and building agreements) and answer legal questions.