Battery system Armhoede, Lochem

The total plan area is approximately 500 m2. There will be 8 battery systems, and two transformers and converters. Immediately outside the plan location, a well will be dug for a fire water connection. The installation is connected to the existing cable of the solar park.

Battery system Kriekampen, Oirschot

We have provided a batterysystem on the planned solar park Kriekampen of TPSolar in the municipaity Oirschot. This energystoragesystem consists of 12 battery containers and 3 transformer/inverter combinations and covers approximately 1.100 m2.

Battery system Vluchtoord II, Uden

We are now planning a 10 MW battery system right next to the site on which the TPSolar Solar Park Vluchtoord II will soon be built. This will be located on a plot of 0.5 ha, which will largely be used for a dual purpose (agricultural or nature). The storage system consists of eight battery containers and two transformer/inverter combinations.

Battery system De Landsard, Wintelre

We have provided a battery system of 20 MW on the planned solar park De Landsard in Wintelre of TPSolar. This battery system consists of 16 battery containers and 4 transformer/inverter combinations and covers approximately 1,500 m2.

Battery system Noord-Zuid, West Maas en Waal

More information will follow.